USA Live Poker Venues to Visit

Poker has long been a game that draws the most passionate crowds. From the old days of tiny poker tables and shady players in the Wild West to the most hi-tech salons, things have changed a lot. And while you can find online platforms as well, there is simply something unique about being inside a real USA live poker venues. Ask anyone who has been to Vegas about the Bellagio or The Golden Gate. There are other similar names dotted across the US. Let's take a look at these and what makes them stand apart. Do you consider yourself a master at poker? If so, why not test your abilities at warsawpokertour? Here you can test your luck and your skill and have fun along the way playing at USA live poker venues.

Top 5 Major USA Live Poker Venues

The Bellagio

Already an epicenter of Nevada gaming and made even more famous by a slew of movies involving it, the Bellagio is monolith among top USA live poker venues. In this sprawling casino, the most famous high rollers room is called Booby's Room and it hosts the biggest names in gaming in the country. Getting in the rooms requires that you must have at least a few million in your account and a nod from the management.

Commerce Casino

LA is home to many wonders and one of these is the Commerce Casino. It is particularly famous for its massive poker room which can house up to 200 tables. Add to that the fact that admission is not restricted only to high rollers and you have one of the most active gaming rooms here right there.

Binion's Horseshoe

When a casino plays host to the World Series of Poker, the original one at that, you can expect it to draw a steady stream of gamers. For those gamers who know the history of the offline poker venues, Binion's holds a special place which more than makes up for its lack of size or play volume. In short, it's like an Old West gold rush town which still attracts many people into its hallowed halls.

Foxwood Resort Casino

A colossus among casinos, the Foxwood casino sprawls a massive 300,000 square feet across 6 venues and is filled with every type of game know to humankind. It is also host to some of the biggest names and players in the US gaming arena on any given day. From single play tables to massive tournaments, this Connecticut venue is a dream destination for any gaming lover.

Borgata Hotel Casino

The Borgata casino is a rising star in the US gaming circuit. Located in Atlantic City, it has made a name for itself by becoming a prime destination for many US Poker Tournaments. It has over 161,000 sq feet of gaming space with one single room accommodating as many as 100 tables. Aside from the on-site gaming options, it also has an online outlet which shows how much the Borgata casino owners are expanding.

No doubt, playing online poker in the comforts of your home is convenient; it cannot completely replicate the experience of playing at a land based poker venue. Whether you're planning on splurging millions or just a few bucks, above listed poker venues have everything you need fuel your passion.