Find Online Legal Casinos : Best International Licensees

Looking for an online casino can be an exercise in futility for players in the US. There are many websites that will accept players from every developed country except for the United States. Some cite legal issues; others give no reason. There is hope, though, for there are legal USA online casinos out there. It just takes some digging to find them sometimes. These venues offer the same games and many of the same bonuses as their international counterparts, but are accessible to US players. If you are not familiar with using casino bonuses, visit the 101 guide for the best online casino bonuses at and learn how to claim them. For example, no deposit bonuses are the most wanted today because they give players the pleasure of free casino games with real money wins. In fact, all of these casino bonuses made online casinos even more prominent and credible.

Many people question whether or not online gambling is legal in the US. Surely there wouldn't be so many pages citing legal issue if there weren't any. The fact of the matter is that in general, online gambling is legal with the exception of sports betting. This is merely a generalization though, and it is always a good idea for a player to check with their state and local laws concerning online gambling before putting any money down.

It is important to keep in mind the age of the player as well. A good rule of thumb to follow is if a player is too young to gamble in a land-based venue, then they are too young to gamble in an online one as well. Again, this is something that should be checked out with local or state law enforcement, because there may be state laws that conflict with laws on the federal level.

More and more gambling venue operators are pulling out of their US operations, simply because the online gambling state is constantly in flux. Deposits and withdraws can prove problematic as well. Many online legal casinos accept credit cards, wire transfers, prepaid cards and checks or money orders as forms of deposit and for the most part there is no problem with these. For withdraws, sometimes the only option is a check sent through the mail, which can take much longer than other options. If the venue allows withdraws to be done through wire transfers, there can sometimes be enormous fees. So, overall, the answer is there are legal casinos for US players, though it may take a little time and searching to find the best one.