USA Legal Online Bingo: Fun for Everyone!

Bingo is very popular in the United States, Canada and the UK. In the past you could only play by driving down to your local church-sponsored event or fraternal organization. Now, you can simply power up your smartphone or PC and have hundreds of websites offering the game at your disposal. Most people could not have imagined that it would ever become nearly as intricate a part of the overall betting industry as poker has become. When you add up the money generated from land-based halls and various sites, however, the financial take from the game makes it a billion dollar business.

USA legal online bingo has enjoyed an explosion in recent years. Any time of day or night, from a computer or smartphone, anyone can enjoy a few minutes of friendly play and chat with players from around the world. Many of the online halls offer access to US participants as well as global users. With chat features and the ability to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - from your home - for small amounts of money, USA legal online bingo provides instant, easy access.

Many online lobbies provide generous "free play" incentives, while some even add money to your account when you become a member. This is a wonderful advantage that websites have over brick-and-mortar places. Many smart operators reward their users financially for referring friends to their site, which in turn creates a thriving, popular community through the referrals.

This is considered a game of chance rather than skill, so most US states don't offer it online. The UIGEA bill that passed in 2006 was thought by many Americans to have made digital gambling unlawful, but the bill in fact regulates gambling transactions that such sites process. That is why USA legal online bingo is so difficult to find, while offshore platforms which are licensed and regulated outside of America are perfectly legal for those located both internationally and in the USA. Despite what some think, this is a billion dollar business. With America's advanced technology, you can play for fun or for real money right from your home.