Gambling Spain: An Overview of the Status of Betting

Gambling Spain enjoys all the legal status of the industry, but one hundred fifty years ago, the legalities of these games are only limited with basic lotteries and all the legalized betting institution in gambling Spain is handled by the state. In the year 1997, the government of Spain decided to act upon the status of the skill-based playing. It was not until the year 1981 that slot machine games and the like are legalized. Gambling Spain in today's time is booming and gaining a lot of followers because the country is considered to be a nation of responsible gaming. As a matter of fact, the country spend twice more than the United Kingdom when it comes to betting. Now, there are seven race tracks operating in the country and over sixty casinos.

In June 2013, the legislators made a big chance in the gambling Spain industry, because they decided to regulate the over the internet establishments, together with drafting the possible penalties for creating, assisting and organizing betting that is not legal. Also, minor fines are given to sites that committed infringements (misleading information displayed on the site, not paying the promised amount etc.) that can worth up to ten thousand Euros.

Few years back, laws about regulation of over the internet betting is not yet created or passed. But in the year 2002, the government created the legalization and regulation of internet playing through Law 13/201 on Gambling. Also, the law served as a framework for operators applying for license. The law came into realization and application during June 2012, and there are already seventy operators licensed ever since. Despite the good regulation of the betting establishments, some operators are pushed to the limits because they are required to pay taxes that worth 25% of their earnings. Also, some of the regulations are rigid and stiff, making them lie on the verge. However, despite the issues, the industry in Spain remains still strong.

Recently, exchange betting and slots played online are allowed to be played in the country. However, Spanish lawmakers want to chance the regulations and give two options by the end of July 2014. By the end of 2014, the regulatory body must complete the applications of over the internet operators that want to attend to the Spanish slots player. And by the year 2015, they hope that the new sites will be operating.