Understanding Gambling Laws In France - Avoid Restrictions!

Known for its "laissez-faire" attitude toward most things, it might surprise some to know that gambling laws in France have put some unusual restrictions into place. The country itself has a rich history of gambling that dates back to the 17th century, and though it is still a common pastime for man y people, the landscape for what is legal can be difficult to understand.

Legal Issues

The gambling laws in France determined that it is illegal for its citizens to participate in, and bet money on, games that rely on chance. If there is a skill or a measure of knowledge that can affect the outcome, then the betting on the activity can take place. Online slots and other games that rely solely on luck, then, are not permitted to be played by citizens. Fortunately, other games such as online poker, horse racing and other types of sports betting have not been included in this restriction; it has been decided that these types of activities can be influenced by information and talent. Ironically, roulette was created in early France but is now illegal for virtual participation because its outcome relies on chance. The Regulatory Authority for Online Games maintains a list of approved online gambling establishments that can offer service in various countries.

Land Based Casinos

Though the web based restrictions seem fairly strict, some brick and mortar casinos in France have managed to offer some roulette, slot machines and blackjack. The online world has a different treatment, so if these are the games one would want to play, finding an in person casino would be the best option. Horse racing at tracks is popular, as is other sports-based bidding. The companies that offer these services are government regulated and taxed, thereby giving back to communities through taxation measures that help to pay for government services.

Football and Handball

Handball is a surprisingly popular sport in France; they are the current Olympic and World Champions, owing to why wagering on this sport is in such high demand. Football, known as soccer in the US, is particularly popular and betting during major competitions is fierce. During the 2010 World Cup, France bet more than €83 pounds on the game outcomes.