Adhering to the Legal Age for Online Gambling

Though the laws concerning online gambling for USA players are constantly changing, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: that there needs to be a minimum limit, both online and off. While this limit does vary from state to state, the legal age for online gambling is, at minimum, 18. Many states, including Nevada which is in many ways a casino Mecca, have risen that to 21. There are potentially severe penalties for the person who is wagering without being old enough. It is very rare that the site is ever perused for letting someone who has lied gamble, so long as they can prove that they followed all guidelines to prevent such things from happening.

For users who are looking to enjoy casino titles for free, they merely need to meet whatever age requirement that the site itself sets. In most cases, this is 18. This is no different than establishments that require a birth date to watch red band movie trailers or bloody video game footage. In order to gamble for real money, the member will need to be able to verify several different types of information. Many sites do this for every user regardless of their state or country of origin, simply to make sure that they are not allowing any illegal practices.

Players who gamble when they are not old enough to do so, whether it's online or in a land based casino, will find that even if they manage to make a deposit and win some money, they will not be able to withdraw any money without some serious verification. As soon as they are discovered to be underage, the account and any money within will be automatically locked down.

The best rule of thumb for casino owners is to check, recheck, and then check again. Be careful to verify the player's age and state, and compare that information to charts designed for such a purpose. This ensures that the site does not allow minors to participate. Occasionally, users will slip through the cracks, especially if they have a particularly well-crafted fake ID, but even if this happens, as long as the site follows proper guidelines, there is little to no chance that the site itself will be prosecuted for failure to comply with the legal age for online gambling.